Pulled Pork Shoulder Carolina Style

Delicious slow-cooked pork shoulder with a spicy blend of Paprika & Chilli

0 time... just salt 1 hour before cooking
5-7 hours
4 people


This product is a pre-marinated delicious blend of Paprika & Chilli... so no ingredients required, just a little salt

Pulled Pork Shoulder Carolina Style Click here!


We've saved you the hassle and mess. Our tasty natural pork shoulder is rubbed with our master blend of herbs and spices and is ready to cook.

Salt your pork 1 hour before cooking to bring out the true flavours of the meat.

Slow cook on a low setting (90-110 deg Celsius) in the oven for 5-7 hours... or smoke it low & slow in your charcoal barbecue in true American style

Cooking tip; For the best result, use an oven bag or cover the baking dish with foil to stop meat from drying out