Animal Welfare First

Our sows live in large eco-shelters, free to move around and socialise with other pigs. Prior to farrowing, they are moved to paddocks with their own hut to nestle in. The sow and her piglets are free to express their natural character in these paddocks where they roam, dig, wallow and socialise.

After 4 weeks, the sow’s piglets are weaned into open-plan eco-shelters, which are lined with a fresh clean bed of straw for the piglets to nestle in and keep warm. These shelters are designed to provide natural ventilation while protecting the piglets from the elements; the high UV rays in the summer, and wind and rain in the winter.

From Good Stock

The team at Scottsdale Pork take great care in getting the genetics right – from the start! We believe this is paramount to providing the absolute best eating experience.

On the farm at Scottsdale Pork we run three pig breeds – Duroc, Large White and Landrace. The boars (fathers) are pure bred Duroc and the sows (mothers) are half Large White and half Landrace.

You might now be asking - why three breeds? The reason is simple – the three different breeds crossed with each other, result in a pig with a lean muscular carcass, producing tender and succulent pork meat.

Occasionally, Scottsdale Pork may experience an increase in demand for our pork products. This may mean that we will source additional pork from other accredited growers around Tasmania. The majority of our pork is from our very own farm on the Forester River at Cuckoo.

We are Aussie farmers by name and nature. We are 100% committed to supporting Tasmanian farmers.

The best nutrition for our animals is paramount for two reasons - to maintain a strong, healthy body and to form a lean, muscular carcass - this provides the absolute best eating experience.

Our feed is mixed on-farm in the Cuckoo Valley. This allows us to source the best and freshest ingredients and gives us full control of each animal's diet. Diets consist of a complex blend of cereals, legumes, vitamins and minerals, which we freshly mill each day so our pigs are receiving the finest, freshest nutrition.

Our pork is produced from pigs that have been fed on the freshest natural products – that’s why our fresh pork is naturally juicy and does not require additives to be pumped into it.

It's just 100% natural pork.