Absolutely the best pork in the world! I cooked it tonight for the first time - it was delicious, tender, so tasty... Well done Scottsdale Pork, from a lover of Tasmanian Food and Wine. TOP QUALITY!


I just wanted to let you guys know how tender and delicious your pork fillet is. I've never had your pork before, but now I won't be buying any other - yours was too good. Truly delicious!


Thank you for the best Christmas ham we have ever had - Just right!


Your ham is the best we have ever bought!


The quality of Scottsdale pork is second to none. It all boils down to their exceptional farming practices. Customers love the product as well; we quite regularly have customers commenting on how good the ham tastes, or the steak they have bought.

People just love the quality of the product and keep coming back for it to buy more and more.

Dave - Fresh Food manager at Hill Street Devonport

Just had one of your rolled pork loins from Hill St Devonport. We will not be buying any other pork from now on - it was fantastic!


..the best ham we've had since travelling to France, it was Scottsdale Pork ham!


Just wanted to let you know we love your bacon... It is a delight to find, not only an Australian bacon, but Tasmanian! I tell everyone I can about your product.


You produce a very fine ham which we buy from Hill St Grocer in Hobart. More importantly is the animal welfare of how you raise and nurture your animals. Well done! We wish more producers had your approach. Factory farming is a terrible way to treat any animal.


Great tasting product every time!


Your products are worthy of a medal!


Had to let you know that you have helped produce one of the best meals ever. Tried your Carolina (Artisan Carolina-Style Pork Shoulder Roast) - oh my. We all loved it. Served it up as a roast with side dishes of cheesy potatoes, apple with mint and a very light jous (ok gravy). Munchy silence for 7 mins. Thanks so much. You have 3 new customers.