The most versatile of all meats.

18 June 2020


Here’s a common question we like to ask potential pork purchasers:

Do you eat much pork?

We sometimes get answers expressing bad experiences, flavour disliking’s, a struggle with the cooking procedure or just a preference over other proteins.

But here's the short answer: you eat more than you think!

Each year Australians consume around 24kg of pork per person, that is: 9kg of fresh pork and 15kg of cured meats such as bacon, ham, and smallgoods (source – Australian Pork).

What about that glazed ham shining loud and proud in the centre of your table at Christmas and Easter, or that Caesar salad with crispy bacon shards you just had for lunch? What about those ham sandwiches that you just packed in your child's lunchbox or those chicken thighs you just wrapped in bacon ready for your family dinner meal? We seem to forget that pork is by far the most versatile of all meats. It offers more product variety than any other protein can offer.

From pulled pork to crispy crackling to fresh pork sausages and cured salami. From your Sunday roast meal to salads and sandwiches and tacos. From Chinese sweet and sour pork to American pork burgers or Australian pork bangers and mash. From fine-dining slowly-braised pork belly dishes to spicy-fried and crunchy pork street-food morsels. Pork makes for any delicious dish across any cuisine from anywhere in the world.

Australian farmers produce around 4.85 million pigs per year (source – Australian Pork). The health of Australia’s pig herd is also one of the best in the world, free from many diseases found in most other pig producing countries. Therefore, pork is not only the most versatile meat but also the most widely consumed protein in the world and safest to consume in Australia.

Over the last 20 years, Scottsdale Pork has striven to learn, expand, and improve as a pork producing establishment. Continuing to ethically grow our pig herd and monitor quality right from the paddock to plate has allowed us to bring you the best tasting pork products that you see on supermarket shelves and eat in restaurants around Tasmania and Melbourne today.

Building our own processing facility right here in the heart of the North-East in 2016 was one of the biggest steps forward that the company has taken so far. Having our own factory where we can harness the versatility of pork and create a range that is diverse and ever-expanding has been an important focus since we have had the capabilities.

Our retail product range now includes over 50 products, including our fresh pork range, our Artisan value-added range, our small-goods and even a few of our own unique Scottsdale Pork creations! You can view them all here:

Scottsdale Pork employs a culture of continuous improvement across all facets of the business. As a result, the innovative product development team has channeled into many market gaps and found creative opportunities to develop distinct pork products that have been and continue to be received well by our consumers.

As our pork product inventions and our delicious recipes continue to inspire and as our passion for showcasing our Tasmanian pork products persists, we invite you to exploit the ingenuity and flexibility of pork cuts and products. Here’s a summons to all you home cooks out there for a little more variety in your meal choices, experimental vibes and a display of respect for the most versatile of proteins - pork.