Our Story

28 September 2020


In a country named Australia, over an expanse known as the Bass Strait lies the smallest state of the country, the heart shaped island known as Tasmania. Known for its beautiful fresh air, picturesque scenery, its food and wines and the friendly inhabitants.

Nestled among hills in the North East of the island is the sunny and sheltered Cuckoo Valley, home to around 8000 pigs roaming and wallowing, and nestling in amongst clean bedding of straw. So how did it all begin?

Five generations ago, in the 1870’s, Sydney Hope Unwin was employed by the British Government to manage a tea-plantation in Ceylon. As a result of this, he was granted land in Australia. After some research, he chose land alongside the Brid River. The Brid River rises in the hills south of the Scottsdale region as does the Forester River which runs through what is now known as the Cuckoo Valley. According to his findings, the Brid River was the third purest water source in the world. The Unwin family have been farming in this district ever since.

Sydney Hope's son, Charles Sydney became a bullocky – a bullock driver, who kept bullock teams and hauled and cleaned logs for a living. Charles Sydney's son, Sydney Herbert, became a dairy farmer and owned a few sows. Feeding the pigs with skim milk from the dairy was an early vivid memory for Herbert’s son Roger – now director of Scottsdale Pork. A year after the dairy farm was sold, a property in the Cuckoo Valley that lays beneath the Scott Ranges was acquired. Some years later Roger decided to establish his own pig farm after 6 years gaining experience on a large pig farm at Winnaleah . The farm began with an initial purchase of 50 breeding sows.

After researching various methods of pig farming, Roger decided, with Herbert's support, on farrowing paddocks outside with huts for each of the sows to give birth in. Roger Unwin, who is still the Managing Director of Scottsdale Pork today, has been farming for 28 years, with his two sons joining in the operation 14 years ago.

For a number of years, pork from the farm was sold to the general market with no branding recognition. Then in 2007, directors of Scottsdale Pork recognised a gap in the market and the demand for a distinctive Tasmanian pork product. This led to the introduction of Scottsdale Pork: ‘Paddock-Bred in the Cuckoo Valley Tasmania’. Building this premium brand has given our consumers peace-of-mind and confidence – now they know exactly where the product comes from and how it's raised.

Today, the Scottsdale Pork farm is home to around 8000 pigs, with a 900-sow herd, producing about 19,000 pigs a year.